Norman Police Release 911 Calls, Bodycam Footage Of OU Swatting Incident

Norman Police Release 911 Calls, Bodycam Footage Of OU Swatting Incident

Norman Police released 911 calls and bodycam footage on Friday related to a swatting incident at the University of Oklahoma two months ago.

The 23 bodycam files and 27 calls to 911 included the actual calls made by swatters on the night of April 7 in which they claimed an active shooter was on campus when there was actually no threat.

 "I just got home from work and my son has left me a note here saying, 'I love you but I have to go to the university and shoot everybody,' that all my guns are gone and everything just messy in the house," the swatter told the 911 dispatcher.

Dispatchers then received another swatting call in which the person claimed there was a gunman with an assault rifle on campus.

"We're sitting here in the South Oval in the Norman campus. There's a man running around with an AR-15 here," the caller said. "He's heading towards the library right now."

Fake gunshot noises could then be heard during that call. The caller claimed his friend was shot in the stomach and the leg. More fake gunshots followed.

In another call to dispatch, a swatter claimed the gunman was walking toward him on the OU campus before he was interrupted by fake gunshot noises.

Bodycam footage showed Norman police officers running toward the campus library and telling people to clear out. Some officers asked students if they heard any shots.

Other bodycam clips showed police searching the area. In one of the videos, an officer could be heard reassuring a student following word that the incident was a hoax.

“Just relax. We suspect it might have been a swatting because we are getting multiple calls of victims and we found no victims," said the officer. "But as a precaution, we're still treating it like an active scene."

Additional 911 calls released Friday included people on campus telling dispatchers they were hiding in various buildings. Parents concerned about their children called 911 as well.

OU President Joseph Harroz Jr. said in a statement that investigators believed the swatting calls came from outside the United States. More than 100 officers from multiple law enforcement agencies responded. But they did not find a threat.

The FBI is handling the case, Norman Police said. At last check, no arrest had been made.