Chickasha Welcomes Movie Crews For ‘Twisters’

Chickasha Welcomes Movie Crews For ‘Twisters’

A major movie production is setting up in Chickasha.

According to city council documents, ‘Twisters’ was approved for three days of filming in June.

On Monday, the council approved plans to close several streets for the 300-500 person set for more than a month.

Road closures rarely bring joy to a city, but in Chickasha they certainly have.

There is a buzz about what is being built. ‘Road Closed’ signs mean Chickasha is open for business.

“Chickasha Oklahoma is now Film Friendly accredited,” said Intellego Media owner, Reagan Elkins. “We get a lot more phone calls. We’ll get a lot of people interested in our locations.”

In addition to his media company, Elkins is also the city’s film liaison.

“Film Friendly is all about having open arms for different movie production companies,” said Elkins. “We’re excited to see big productions coming to our small little town.” 

The current production couldn’t be bigger.

“Something cool is happening in our town,” he said.

It may make sense that Chickasha has embraced the film industry considering one of its biggest attractions – the Leg Lamp statue – is from an iconic film, ‘A Christmas Story.’

“You know in California they’re all bitter. You may go down to a neighborhood and they’re like get off my lawn,” Elkins pointed out. “But in Oklahoma we still love the film industry so it’s more like here, here’s a glass of sweet tea.”

Chet Hitt can attest, he lived in Southern California.

“It’s such a more relaxed atmosphere here. People are more friendly,” said Hitt. “They’re not always in a rush and they care more about the craft than they do the dollar.”

Hitt hopes to revitalize the entire east end of W. Chickasha Avenue. He believes the silver screen will help. 

“I think the film industry is going to bring more national exposure to Chickasha,” said Hitt. “That is going to bring more tourism, more activities and more opportunities.”