Sand Springs Fire Department Investigates 2nd Suspected Arson In 2 Days

Sand Springs Fire Department Investigates 2nd Suspected Arson In 2 Days

The Sand Springs fire department is investigating a second suspected arson in two days involving two different businesses near the town.

Fire investigators said two arsons in two days is unusual, but they don't think the cases are related.

There are charred remains and burnt pieces from a shed attached to a carpet store, which burned down Friday morning.

Firefighters said a trash can inside the shed was lit on fire, burning down the shed and spreading to part of the store near Charles Page Boulevard and 77th West Avenue.

“They found a shed on fire. The exposure to it was a carpet store," said Deputy Chief Kyle Wayman. "It went into the carpet store with a little fire damage in the store but a lot of smoke damage.”

Deputy Fire Chief Wayman said firefighters got on scene quickly and prevented a lot of damage to the store.

Employees at Bowen’s Discount Carpets said some carpets did have smoke damage and they’re not sure what the extent of the loss is, but they’re thankful most of their carpets are salvageable.

"We had a commercial fire. They got in, did a quick knockdown, did a great job and saved a lot of money for that business. There's likely $1 million worth in inventory. Hopefully we saved a bunch,” he said.

Just a day before firefighters said someone set fire to two large containers, an excavator and a huge pile of timber, which could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

“It is weird to get two fires in two days that are intentional," said Deputy Chief Wayman.

Wayman said his investigators don’t think the two are connected but still want to know who could be responsible.

Sand Springs firefighters are working with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office on Friday's case.

If you have any information on either case, call the fire department at 918-245- 8777.