Law Enforcement Prepares For Big Lake Crowds For Memorial Day Weekend

Law Enforcement Prepares For Big Lake Crowds For Memorial Day Weekend

Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers and the Army Corps of Engineers are preparing for a busy Memorial Day weekend on the water.

Law enforcement officers expect big crowds and will be patrolling to keep everyone safe.

“As nice as weather as we’re having, I’m guessing there’s going to be quite a bit of people that are wanting to come to the lake,” said Hutch Todd, Army Corps of Engineers.

Todd will be one of the people patrolling Keystone Lake. He says Memorial Day is the first time many people are getting on the water in a while so now is the time to make sure boaters are equipped.

“Things like your lifejackets, your fire extinguishers, your sound-producing devices, make sure you have everything and you didn’t throw something in the closet that you may forget,” said Todd.

Loren Tackett is spending the holiday weekend at Keystone Lake with his grandkids.

“Keystone’s a beautiful lake,” said Tackett. “Our grandkids live up here, just a good place to camp.”

Tackett says the Thursday crowd was small but expects things to change.

“They’ll be swarming in here probably tonight and tomorrow,” said Tackett.

Todd says law enforcement officers will be making rounds on foot and on the water to ensure everyone stays safe. He wants to remind boaters that lake levels are lower in some areas compared to last year, so there could be more hazards.