Federal Government Deems Oklahoma's Title X Program Non-Compliant: OSDH Responds

Federal Government Deems Oklahoma's Title X Program Non-Compliant: OSDH Responds

The Oklahoma State Department Of Health said the state’s Title X program has been deemed out of compliance by the federal government. 

However, OSDH said ongoing conversations are taking place.

The state receives $4.5 million from Heath and Human Services connected to Title X for the fiscal year, 2023, which ends on September 30. 

According to HHS, services include: 

  1. Pregnancy prevention and birth spacing,
  2. Pregnancy testing and counseling,
  3. Assistance to achieve pregnancy,
  4. Basic infertility services,
  5. Sexually transmitted infection (STI) services, and
  6. Other preconception health services.

The OSDH said those services will continue.

According to the federal government, "Title X projects must ensure that services are provided in a manner that is client-centered, culturally and linguistically appropriate, inclusive, and trauma-informed; protects the dignity of the individual; and ensures equitable and quality service..."

The OSDH said the following statement:

“Oklahoma has been notified by HHS that it has determined our Title X program is out of compliance, however ongoing conversations are occurring. The OSDH’s deemed noncompliance is due to technical inconsistencies with HHS rules, representing a conflict between federal rule and Oklahoma State law. As conversations continue, the OSDH understands it may have to modify the purchasing and distributing of medications purchased through Title X. However, the OSDH is not aware, at this time, of any requirement to return any previously purchased medications. A robust number of critical services such as cancer screenings, pregnancy prevention, STI diagnostics and treatment, breast exams, and depression screenings and referrals, among a multitude of other services, will continue for Oklahomans who need them.”