Muscogee Nation Holds Job Fair For Council Oak Comprehensive Health Facility

Muscogee Nation Holds Job Fair For Council Oak Comprehensive Health Facility

The Muscogee Nation is hiring dozens of people to work at its Council Oak Comprehensive Health facility near 81st and Mingo.

The facility used to be the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and some of those employees are back to work.

The Muscogee Nation said its department of health has 150 positions open right now. Most of that need is at Council Oak since it is the largest and newest and facility.

Council Oak has monoclonal antibody infusion and several clinics. In a few months, inpatient ICU and medical surgical will open.

Chief nursing officer, Lindy Bauer, said the challenge is finding people to work.

"We've worked with our administration, with our HR team to make sure that we can stay competitive in this Tulsa market to recruit the most qualified candidates," said Bauer.

Bauer said Muscogee Nation has been recruiting former employees of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, who lost their jobs when the facility closed last summer.

"It's been like a family reunion,” said Bauer. “Every job fair we're able to meet people who worked in this building and hear about their ties and that connection to Cancer Treatment Centers of America."

Tiffany Walker is one of three dozen people who went to the job fair at Council Oak on May 19.

"This is like totally unexpected for a facility, so I'm excited about that,” said Walker. “Actually, all the administration in here seem really nice, which is really a great addition, so those are things that are exciting."

Walker said she is a nurse in Oklahoma City, and now, her heart is calling her to work within Indian Health Services.

She has advice for those who may be curious about career changes.

"Try something new and just go see what it's like,” suggested Walker. “Talk with the people and see how they make you feel, and if they make you feel warm and welcomed, then just go for it."

Bauer said from the interview to background check, employees could start in as little as two weeks if it all goes well.

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