TPD Offers Safety Tips Ahead Of Black Friday Shopping

TPD Offers Safety Tips Ahead Of Black Friday Shopping

The biggest shopping day of the year kicks off Thursday night and Tulsa Police are warning shoppers to stay vigilant while they are out snagging deals. Now that shopping in person is returning to normal this year with large crowds. TPD tells us the possibility of being a victim on Black Friday has also come back in full swing.

Tulsa Police Officer Andrew Baul said there are several ways you can stay safe while shopping this weekend and throughout the holiday season.

They said while in the store you should always take notice where the closest exits are, don’t hold your wallet or money in your hand while walking around, and if you see someone acting suspicious you should find a store clerk or police officer to tell them that person should be watched.

TPD tells us when you are leaving a store you should not be on your phone so that you can be aware of anyone who may be following you, have your keys already out so you can get in your car quickly, and always lock the doors immediately.

“Be aware, don’t make yourself an easy victim, you can’t prevent everything but you can make yourself a harder target,” Baul said.

Baul said robbery scams are something to watch for as well.

“There have been scams of people acting like they are backing out of a parking spot and they fall down,” Baul said. “Then the person gets out to see if they are okay and then somebody comes and robs them.”

He said Tulsa Police officers will be staged at most shopping centers through the weekend. Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office deputies will be at the malls as well to help anyone who may be in need.