Tulsa Couple Hospitalized With COVID-19: 'It's Affected Everything Around Us'

Tulsa Couple Hospitalized With COVID-19: 'It's Affected Everything Around Us'

A Tulsa couple is in the hospital fighting COVID-19.

They've been there nearly two weeks while their two little girls stay with relatives. Myesha Clark said she and her husband Jeremy tested positive on July 4. Just days later, they were both in the hospital with COVID-19 and pneumonia. She wants to remind people that the virus is serious and it's still spreading.

"For us, it's affected everything around us," Myesha said.

The couple is in their early 30's. She says her husband flew out of town for Father's Day, and just over a week after he got home, he felt sick. Soon, they both had shortness of breath, fever, and chills.

"I've had health issues before, like blood clots when I was pregnant. That I know that it put me at a higher risk to have it pretty bad, if I was to get it," Myesha said.

They tested positive for COVID-19. Five days later, she passed out.

"I just like, lost track of time. I don't know what just happened," Myesha said.

She went to the hospital, then Jeremy did too. Both got pneumonia. They also found out she's borderline diabetic and he has asthma issues. Myesha stayed in the ICU for almost a week, and Jeremy Is in a special unit for COVID-19 patients. She says the hardest part is missing her daughters, who are just one and seven years old. 

"I talk to them every day. But it's hard being away from them because I'm never away from my babies," Myesha said.

Her message to others: take it seriously.

"You can't be too relaxed and feel like, oh this is all over now. Because the new strand that came out is stronger than the one that was here before. And it's serious," Myesha said.

She says faith is getting her through, and she's counting her blessings.

"But we got to make it to the hospital. And I thank God for that, and that's the only thing that's keeping me going," Myesha said.

Myesha said neither of them had a vaccine. She says she's leaning towards getting it but must wait until three months after she's healed. She doesn't know when they'll get to leave the hospital.