Jenks City Leaders, Citizens Walk Together To Get 'Pedestrian’s-Eye View' Of Town

Jenks City Leaders, Citizens Walk Together To Get 'Pedestrian’s-Eye View' Of Town

Jenks city leaders are walking with the public to see the city from a pedestrian's point of view.

They are considering changes to improve “walkability," as well as the city's aesthetics. Every Wednesday at 7 am, walks with city leaders and citizens will begin at city hall. City leaders said the walk is the perfect time for citizens to speak up about their city.

"We need the exercise, it's a beautiful morning,” Jenks resident, Matt Emmons said.

For Emmons and his wife, the walk accomplished two things: they were able to give their input about their city, while also getting exercise. Several others joined the group this morning, as the Director of Planning, Marcae Hilton, guided them around different parts of the city, like downtown and the Riverwalk District, while asking the group questions.

"Do we feel safe, is it connected, are there safe pathways to the sidewalks wide enough,” Hilton said.

Mainstreet was a big focus during the hour-long walk.

"What the buildings look like, the conditions of them. It's a completely different perspective in an automotive versus walking,” Hilton said.

Hilton said every week they'll take different paths and by the end of each walk, citizens will be given a survey to express their opinions about what needs improvement.

"We will take the data we collected, but mostly making citizens aware of their surroundings,” Hilton said.

Hilton said they plan to do the walks until the end of summer.