Austin, the charismatic voice behind afternoons on 106.9 K-Hits, is the force of energy that keeps you entertained during your commute back home from work or school with his spellbinding "Austin in the Afternoons Show." His journey in the radio industry began in 1999 at the legendary WJPZ station in Syracuse, NY, and he has since been captivating audiences with his dynamic on-air presence for more than two decades.

Austin's radio journey has seen him cross state lines, with his versatile talent taking him to various cities, including Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Tulsa. His sterling reputation in the broadcasting industry has seen him not only shine in radio but also extend his captivating aura to the realm of television. 

However, Austin's world isn't confined to the four walls of radio and TV studios. He has an undeniable passion for estate sales and auctions, often finding himself drawn to the thrill and anticipation that comes with such events. An ardent music lover, Austin's taste spans across diverse genres, mirroring his ability to connect with a broad audience on his shows. 

His love for music gets a further boost with his enthusiasm for live events and festivals. There's nothing that gives him more joy than experiencing the energy of a live crowd and the electrifying atmosphere of a music festival. This passion translates into the energy he brings to his shows, making every afternoon with Austin a unique radio experience.

With Austin, every afternoon becomes a memorable journey filled with laughter, music, and stories. Join him in the afternoon on 106.9 K-Hits from 2-7pm and be a part of this thrilling ride.