What's Trending: A toy that shoots farts

What's Trending: A toy that shoots farts

3. People are choosing to eat pizza for breakfast instead of cereal....

The benefits? Less sugar and more protein keeps you fuller longer.


2. There's a new service in NYC that's changing the game when it comes to breaking up...

It's called 'Onward' and for just $99 they'll cover the logistics

(Like packing and helping you move)

while you focus on mending your broken heart.


1. There's a new toy hitting store shelves this fall and it's everything you dreamt of as a kid...

It's called the 'Fart Launcher' and it's made like a nerf gun,

but instead of darts it shoots smells up to a five foot radius.

So far, they'll have two scents... bubblegum and farts.