Pharrell Hints at Working on Rihanna Album

Pharrell Hints at Working on Rihanna Album

Fans of Rihanna want another album and are becoming impatient about having to wait so long for "R9." 

To make matters worse, Rihanna toyed with her fans over the weekend by posting a video of Karlie Redd freaking out over something. 

Then to add fuel to the fire, super-producer Pharrell added, "They ain't ready" in the comments. If you remember, the two did the song "Lemonade" together in 2017. 

While Pharrell teased another collaboration, her fans were not down with it. One Ri-Ri fan even wrote, "Pharrell better NOT touch Rihanna's album or else!" Not sure what the else is, but it can't be good. 

Do you want Rihanna to include a Pharrell produced song on her album?