AustinI was born November 13th 1982, in Syracuse, NY. I found myself regularly entertaining my family, friends with my awful amateur stand up comedy routine. I also found joy in choir, football, go-kart racing, RC helicopters, school musicals, collecting celebrity autographs and baseball cards. 

At the age of 16, my high school guidance counselor helped me land an internship at Newhouse School of Broadcasting WJPZ (Syracuse University) I was the youngest intern in the history of the university and was allowed to stay on during the regular school year.

From that point I studied “Radio and Television” at Buffalo State College. Under the advice of my professor, adviser, mentor “Tom Donahue” I left school after a year and a half to start my FULL TIME RADIO ADVENTURE at the station my professor worked at in Buffalo. I was 18 and doing what I loved, and well on my way landing a Top 10 market radio job at 21 in Atlanta plus in October 2007 got to produce a TV show pilot called “Crank Dat” for TBS with Scooter Braun, Big Boi of Outkast and Dallas Austin.

After that the rest is history including stops in some great cities; Pittsburgh, Canada, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne and Tulsa.