This week's Wet Nose Wednesday star is Mr. Higgins with Lab Rescue OK! This sweet boy announced his presence with a very vocal greeting, and became and instant radio star!

Higgins got to play ball with Tara, which is probably his favorite thing. So if you love to play fetch, and take long walks, this five year old would be a perfect addition to your home.

All that exercise helps keep this pup out of trouble, and he loves to cuddle and unwind after a fun day.

Higgins is pretty partial to being the center of attention, so it's probably best if he's an only child.

He's completely house trained and ready to join his forever family. Contact Lab Rescue OK to meet him!

Thanks to Appelbaum Animal Clinic for sponsoring Wet Nose Wednesday and helping us get these sweet pups adopted.

Check out Higgins enthusiastic radio debut below!