WNW with Sushi 4-18-18

For this week's edition of Wet Nose Wednesday, presented by Appelbaum Animal Clinic, we had a Sushi delivery!

Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue brought this adorable older gal to hang out with us. Sushi is probably about 7 years old and a mix of Shar Pei and Lab.

She has a bit of a rough past having started as a breeding dog. Sadly, when her owners no longer had a use for her, they kicked her out.

Thankfully, she found her way to Legacy of Hope where she's been well cared for and had a chance to get healthy. Now, she's ready to find a family and a forever home!

Sushi loves a good nap, so if you want a friend to nap on the couch with, and keep your bed warm, she's the girl for you! She does still like to play, especially tug of war, and she's super friendly. Check her out working the room during our video below!

She's also great with other dogs, and enjoys a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.

If you'd like to adopt Sushi or any of the wonderful dogs Legacy of Hope has available, contact them through their Facebook page.

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