WNW with Marybeth 5-9-18

This week on Wet Nose Wednesday, sponsored by Appelbaum Animal Clinic, was beautiful Marybeth with Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue!

Marybeth is about one and a Border Collie mix. She's super friendly and energetic, so she'd love a home where she can run, go on long walks, and play with another dog.

Right now, Marybeth could stand to improve her manners, so Legacy of Hope is hoping to pay for training classes while she's in a foster home. They need a foster to volunteer to take this sweet girl to class, and help her learn some basic obedience.

The rescue found this poor pup in an abandoned house. It seems the previous owners moved out and left 5 dogs behind with no food or water. Thankfully, a neighbor called about the dogs and Legacy of Hope was able to clean them up and take them in.

The other 4 dogs have now been adopted and just sweet Marybeth is left looking for a home.

If you'd like to foster or adopt this adorable girl, contact Legacy of Hope through their Facebook page!

And here's this week's Wet Nose Wednesday star greeting everyone in our studio!


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