Wet Nose Wednesday 3-28-18

Presented by Appelbaum Animal Clinic

This week for Wet Nose Wednesday, we wanted to take a moment to recap and tell the stories of all the sweet pooches we've had visit us recently from Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue.

We're so happy to report that almost all of the dogs we've had in studio have now found their happy ending and are safe and comfortable in a forever home with their new families!

There's just one dog left looking for her family. Momma Patsy was one of the first dogs featured on Wet Nose Wednesday. When she came to Legacy of Hope, she was skin and bones after caring for her litter of puppies on her own on the street. She watched as each of her puppies found their home, and is now ready for one of her own.

Patsy is about 4 years old, and a mix of Shepherd, Boxer and Hound. She's the perfect size for any home, and just the right temperament. She loves to be lazy, and would be so happy to snuggle up next to you on the couch or in bed.


Contact Legacy of Hope through their Facebook page to get an application and take sweet Momma Patsy home with you!

You can also submit an application to be a foster, which is a super great deal! You take in dogs who are waiting to be adopted so they can be social and not stuck in a kennel, or take a puppy who needs to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered before they can be adopted. Legacy of Hope supplies the food and crate, plus pays the vet bills. You just supply the home and the love.

Again, contact Legacy of Hope today and follow them on Facebook to keep up with how you can help them find homes for some wonderful dogs.

And thanks to Appelbaum Animal Clinic at 61st and Memorial for allowing us to bring you Wet Nose Wednesday each week on KHITS. If you haven't visited Appelbaum Animal Clinic, give them a try today. Mention KHITS, and Wet Nose Wednesday to get HALF OFF your first office visit!

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