The 6'4, 286-Pound 8th-Grader Who Already Has 3 SEC Offers

The 6'4, 286-Pound 8th-Grader

This is Jaheim Oatis, The 6'4, 286-Pound 8th-Grader Who Already Has 3 SEC Offers. 

I saw this story about Jaheim Oatis. The 286-pound 8th grader from Mississippi, who tweeted that he had received offers from Ole Miss, Alabama, and Mississipi State to play football at one of the schools starting in 2022.

His mom did an interview where she was saying he was eating double cheese burgers and nuggets and fries at 2 years old. (I cant even eat that at 29). Wishing you nothing but the best on your path to the NFL.


Here is a link to where I found this story. Here is the link for Jaheim's twitter account!

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