Phone Screen that "Heals Itself"

  • So I read this story about a phone that can "heal itself" and fix it's own cracks and damages. This is semi-creepy but at the same time I'm all about it. Honestly, I feel like I can drop my phone from a 74 story building and there might be one scratch on it and when I drop my phone on carpet or sit on it......crack!! Then you have to deal with glass fingers until you get it I say deal Motorola.  - Chubbs

    Here is the link to this story.
    Motorola was awarded a patent last week on a phone screen that can heal its own cracks and damages. 

    The screen would have "thermal elements" in it that could detect deformations in the screen. Heat would be applied to the memory polymer screen to reverse the damage that has been done.

    According to the patent, the heat reaction on the polymer screen can't promise to fix all of the damages caused by users' clumsy behavior. But it will fix as much as it can.

    No word on whether Motorola will ever actually create the self-healing screen.


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