How to ACTUALLY Pick the Best Watermelon This Summer!

So, if you're like me, you spent five minutes at the large bin of watermelons at the grocery store, sifting through, picking up the pretty ones, holding them like a baby, and knocking on each one five times trying to "guestimate" if the vibrations felt on your arm was proportionate to the desired sweetness. Now that I know how to just LOOK at a watermelon and be able to tell if it is going to be sweet, I feel like the joke is on me. 

One day I was at the store and a legitimate farmer told me all you had to do was look for the ground spot. If the ground spot on the watermelon was still white, it wasn't ripe enough and would not be sweet. However, if the ground spot was yellow - it was sure to be a wonderful watermelon. I have probably had about 15-20 watermelons since then (don't judge) and sure enough, every single one was absolutely perfect. The more yellow the ground spot, the sweeter the watermelon. I attached a picture above of the latest one I grabbed at the store, and it is DELIGHTFUL. Perfect. 

So there ya go, you can now go and pick out the loveliest watermelon while every one else just guesses. 

Cheers to Summer!

Tulsa Tara

IG: @tulsatara

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