House Cat V. Intruder

A woman in Indianapolis says her cat is a hero for protecting her family from a man who tried to break into her home.
The woman told police she was watching TV when she heard someone at her door. A man pushed open the screen window and her cat came out and attacked him twice – something she told reporters he’s never done before.
The man claimed people were trying to kill him and he needed in, but as he reached for the handle the cat bit him and ran off until the man tried a second time. The cat returned and tore the guy’s hand and arm up. This time he held onto the guy, and all she saw was fur flying.
Cops had been searching for the suspect an hour before the attack. They eventually had to call for an ambulance due to the intruder’s injuries.
The message learned from the owner is to not “make your cat mean. Don’t hurt them to get them mean; treat them like a normal cat. In the end, the cat will take up for you. No matter what he’ll be loyal to you.”


Adorable story. I might look into being a cat guy now. 


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