Burrito Delivery By Drone?!

Saw this story and loved it. Drones scare me sometimes, but if they are traveling with little delicious burritos that's a game changer!! - Chubbs


Google's parent company, Alphabet, has teamed up with a Mexican restaurant and a pharmacy chain to test drone deliveries in Australia.

Alphabet's Project Wing announced that it has been conducting tests in southeastern Australia to deliver burritos and medication directly to customers' backyards.

The tech giant says the restaurant and a chain of pharmacies are receiving orders from testers
, who've purchased items using the Project Wing app on their smartphones.

The tests are being conducted in a rural community near Canberra, where consumers are typically forced to take a "40-minute round trip in the car for almost anything from a carton of milk to a cup of coffee.

Alphabet previously tested burrito deliveries by drone in Virginia along with Chipotle and researchers from Virginia Tech, but those tests occurred "in an open field, not to a specific address or location" like the tests being conducted in Australia.


So looks like it's just in Australia for now, but hopefully it will be raining burritos sometime soon. Here is a link to the original story.- Chubbs  

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