WNKD Movie Review Horror Film Cashing In?

Ronnie The Tulsa Movie Guy

Dolls Are Creepy
Hello, everyone.  This week we have a bunch of movies out there and of course, even more, to choose from depending on your streaming preferences and platforms.  

Annabelle: Creation

First, let me say that Annabelle the prequel to the Conjuring movies was not good and I thought it was just another mediocre horror film cashing in.  This movie A prequel to a prequel. I know, I know. The studio is giving us this Conjuring world if we want it or not.  Annabelle: Creation is actually a very scary movie that takes the time to get you to care about the young girls at this orphanage where the doll comes to be. This movie builds up the scares and creepiness without too many jump scares that are fake outs that just wear you down after awhile. The movie was a surprise to me because going in I thought it was going to be bad. Just another cash grab, and it turned out to be a very effective scary, creepy movie with some edge of your seat moments.  

The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature

Surly and his crew are back, and he has the help of some Shaolin Mice led by Mr. Feng voiced by Jackie Chan to save the park they live in from development. If you and your kids have seen the first and had fun with it I'm pretty sure the kids will like this too. Crazy, frantic kid friendly flick with some laugh out loud moments. I mean last week was the Emoji movie the only way is up from there.

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World

This documentary tells the very under-told story of Native American influences on Rock n Roll and music in general. 
A must see for music history buffs, and rock n roll fans will be surprised to see just how much of our music today is a result of
these unsung and unknown pioneers in the music industry. You can catch this very cool doc at the Circle Cinema.


The Glass Castle 

This film based on Jeannette Walls memoir. I was not familiar with the source material, but I do know that to me this movie was pretty boring and I could not help but think where the heck was anyone in authority to save those kids from their crazy parents. Woody Harrelson plays the alcoholic father refusing to conform and drags his family along with him.  Maybe see this and treat it as a case study, research or some self-help therapy for yourself. I myself saw parts of my childhood in this movie, and I'm sure some of you will too. Yeah, we can all say we came out on the other side, and my mom would argue at times that it made me stronger growing up that way. Begrudgingly yes but that didn't make it right. And I swore to myself I would never do that to my kids if I ever had any. 
Lady Macbeth
Finally, this film has hit town, and it is a luscious surprise for those of you who like their femme fatale steeped in mystery and sexual intrigue. Brazen with her sexual prowess and completely surprising rage Katherine quietly plots and plans all the while politely tucked away and suppressed in this English period piece.  The elegance of Downton Abbey except with bloody violence and sex.
The Little Hours
You have not heard anything about this movie and likely won't. But it is a very funny, incredibly witty farce about what happens when a young man is introduced into a nunnery and the chaos he wreaks on the not so devout women there. A really funny movie that deserves a chance. This period comedy stars Aubrey Plaza and John C Reiley. Both are worth the price of admission alone. 
Game Of Thrones 
Oh man, only three episodes left for Game Of Thrones fans and after this weeks episode, I'm not sure how you top that one but they better get going.  1 season left to wrap it all up?  And another ten years for George to finish the next book. I have actually given up on him finishing the series. My bookie in Vegas says I have some great odds on that bet.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. As always have a very good time at the movies or the couch this weekend.  
Ronnie The Tuksa Movie Guy
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