Weekend of August 4th Movie Review

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Dark Times Indeed
This week we have a very mixed bag of movies opening today and some great stuff still in theaters if you're playing catch up. As always Netflix and other screening choices have you covered with all kinds of new and original content.  But I digress. Here we go with this week's releases.
The Dark Tower
I think I will break this into two different reviews. One for those who have never read a Tower book and those who have. 
I want to start with this.If you have never read the Dark Tower books and the entire series consist of 8. eight books! Well, you are in luck because you don't need to read any of them or know anything to like this movie. You know everything you need to know from the trailers. The actors Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey and even the two young actors Tom Taylor & Abbey Lee are easily the best parts in this. I think that Idris Elba is mesmerizing as the Gunslinger. The actors are the saving grace of this film. Just go in and watch and have fun with it.
To me, it plays like a lot of other YA (Young Adult) books turned into mediocre movies that are not very good, there are some exceptions of course to this genre. I just wish this was one of them.  
For those of you who have read the books, or the whole series even and consider yourself fans or super fans, I'm sorry, but this movie will be a complete disappointment to you. First, this film is ridiculously short for just how much content the series has to offer. Secondly, The scope of the series, the ideas and just how encompassing it all is, admittedly is pretty daunting to anyone trying to turn the King universe into a film no matter who you are. But to not even bother with any of those concepts or just glide over any and all of the bigger mythology offering no context or explanation of that universe and everyone in it is a complete disservice to real fans. I keep mentioning universe because the book series is that big in scope and ideal. 
 Okay, take a breath. I said earlier that the actors save this film from being a total waste and we get a darn good Gunslinger in the form of Elba. I give this movie one, just one "Well all right, all right." 
If you like your McConaughey on the dark side, I can't recommend Killer Joe enough. That is about as dark and different as it gets.
This movie is rough. Difficult to watch. Even harder to believe for some that this is just a snapshot of the civil rights movement from 65 to 69 Sadly it is completely relevant and topical today as it was in the summer of 1967 in Detroit. Just two years earlier the city had experienced the nations first Nuclear accident in the country and was allegedly covered up. Chronicled in the famous We Almost Lost Detroit song by Gill Scott-Heron Malcolm X was assassinated needless to say racial tension in Detroit and several other major northern cities had reached powder-keg levels and a separate event The raid on an after hours club sparked the riots in Detriot and the horrible events that we now know as the Algiers Motel incident. The movie depicts those harrowing times and that night with unblinking clarity. The film was painstakingly researched and very factual except for a few details for story sake.  It is not for everyone I'm certain, but for us going forward and not repeating the past it is a story that gladly is now being told to a bigger audience.  With the release of the movie, I'm sure there are more details readily available, but I would recommend John Hersey's book Algiers Motel incident for those wanting to do your own research. 
This movie takes every parents worst fear and cranks up that fear to 100. One thing this movie gets right is the panic and the complete and total will and sheer desperation to do anything to try and rescue your child from that horrible fate. Halle Berry spends the entire movie running and driving after her kid. 
It really is her running yelling and chasing after them. Does it get tiresome and even ridiculous, yes it does, but again the movie puts you in that frame of mind where some feral maternal instinct has taken over, and on that level achieves its goal. It just falls short on other levels and comes off as one big gimmick of an idea for a movie.Hopefully, Halle Berry slows down in her next flick The Kingsmen II in a few weeks.
Lion King  Sing-Along 
WHEN I WAS A YOUNG WARTHOGGGGGGGG.... Oh hey, just warming up for,,,  The Lion King sing along version !!  playing this weekend. People love to sing Disney tunes. Trust me I know. I run a karaoke company, and I hear one every night... every night! So here's your chance to belt out the tunes with other Lion King fans all together just follow the bouncing ball.
Jab Harry Met Sejal
This on the road romance comedy has a lot of potential starring SRK the "King of Bollywood" Shahrukh Khan, and I think fans of his might be a little disappointed. It had its moments. I really like SRK he has a roguish way about him that is very charming. and the scenery and locales are delightful but being a fall in love movie the sparks just weren't there for me between them. But maybe I'm just bitter these days. Ha.  Oh and you know the dance number is all kinds of color and wow! The movie is in Hindi with subtitles.
Armed Response  
If your response to Wesley Snipes is OH YEAH !!! then you don't even have to leave the house or your room for that matter to check out his latest action flick that turns into a horror flick as a special forces soldier doing what Wesley Snipes does best. 
You can watch this on Vudu right now.
There is a new Werewolf movie out there somewhere that was released this week. Die-hard fans of this genre may have to dig pretty deep to find this one on a streaming platform.
Thank you as always for taking the time to read the blog. I hope all of you have a great weekend at the movies or on the couch. 
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