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Go Bananas This Week
Hello, everyone. So much to do this weekend and not enough time.
Some great movie picks and very cool stuff to do around town, but considering the heat a nice cool seat inside at your favorite theater sounds great.
Last week Spiderman: Homecoming was the only movie that opened and I'm sure by now everyone knows how great it is so I didnt post a blog.  If you have not seen it yet be sure and stay for the two post credit scenes. 
War For The Planet Of The Apes
The third and final installment? is an epic finish to a series remake that proved many wrong with each solid entry. This movie is no exception, and I think it is the best. You know the basic premise having seen the trailers. 
Ceaser is forced to protect his family, and the rest of his kind from certain destruction from Woody Harrelson referred to as The General. As the title suggests, War is indeed in this movie. It is so much more than just a war flick.
This film is perfect on so many levels. On display is a  social deconstruction of our basest ways and motivations. A mirroring of our historical travesties and how history repeats.  Incredible performances from everyone. 
If Andy Serkis Does not receive an Oscar nod, I will be stunned. I don't care if the Acadamy recognizes him collectively for his role as Ceaser or the incredibly tragic and truly inspiring performance he gives in War just as long as he receives the credit he is due. This movie is so much more than just a Planet Of The Apes movie.  
I will say you have seen them all and will not be disappointed or it's a complete pass and your not interested in any of them. 
So whether we go forward or backward (and start your linear vs. circular time paradox conversations now ! ) with this series, the elements for what comes next were discreetly shown to us in the very first film Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. We are shown a few tv clips of a ship launching into space and finally a newspaper story on the front page stating that the Spacecraft "Icarus" and its crew are lost in space.  We meet Nova as a child in this movie, and we Know an adult version of her befriended Charlton Heston in the original.  
Wish Upon
A 17-year-old high schooler gets everything she ever wanted when a mysterious gift delivers on its promise. You know what happens next... don't you? It has a few scares and a couple of surprises that actually surprised me.  Another horror flick that isn't great but has enough moments to make it worth your while if you decide to see it. This movie reminded me of Heathers a little bit, just a little bit.
Only we get Christian Slater in the form of a music box. Ha.  
The Big Sick
Tells the very funny story of two completely different families brought together when two people forge a real relationship and end up having to deal with a health crisis. On complete display for all to see are the very real cultural differences and how they play out and the balance they have to reach to get through this ordeal.  A very warm heartfelt story that deserves an audience because of just how good and real this film feels.
Chasing Coral
Some things you just have to see to believe. This documentary gives a very stirring visual account of just how bad things are in the sea. It is beautiful and heartbreaking. It is a call to arms that all of us should heed and be aware of.  As an Eco Doc, I think that's a term?  It does not preach or talk down it shows us quite effectively the plain facts and real challenges facing our once great reefs.
You can see this documentary on Netflix
Tokyo In Tulsa  
This mega Clash of Cultures with everything pop, geeky & gamey thrown in for good measure Hits Tulsa today! Cosplayers Gamers and Fans of everything Manga and Anime take over the Cox Business Center this weekend. So don't be surprised if you see some crazy cool costumes downtown out and about this weekend. Full disclosure This is my 5th year running a Dusk till Dawn Karaoke Party at the convention. Hope to see you there singing your favorite J-POP. We expect attendance to be over 20,000. That is a lot of Pikachu's!
For all you cosplayers be sure and have a friend peek-proof your costumes before you hit the floor. To everyone new to this, most cosplayers don't mind having pics taken and love posing for selfies but please ask first. Have a fix kit handy with tape or staples or whatever is keeping your costume together in case you need to make an emergency repair. 
Have a great weekend at the movies or your couch this weekend and as always thank you so much for taking the time to read the blog. Thank you, everyone.
Ronnie The Tulsa Movie Guy.
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