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Weekend of September 1, 2017

A Classic Returns
Hello, Everyone.  First, I wanted to say My thoughts, and much strength goes to everyone down in Houston and the surrounding areas. Like many of you, I'm sure, I have family & friends down there as well, and some of them have lost everything. My thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by Harvey.
This weekend your choices are pretty light as far as big titles go.  That gives you a chance to explore some lesser known films out there or catch up on some you haven't had the opportunity to see yet.  Streaming is always an option for some of you, and there is so much out there to see. 

Close Encounters of the Third Kind  40th Anniversary Release.

It was the 1-2 knockout punch to my sci fi loving brain that I never recovered from and made me what I am today.  Having seen Star Wars over the summer a total of 16 times before it went away, it was now November.  Once again I was dragging my mom out to take me to see this wierd movie That I couldn't even really explain to her except to show her pictures I had cut out from magazines about this alien ufo movie I had to see. I had saved up 16.00 dollars to pay my way and for the gas to get us to Indianapolis about 40 miles away. 

What my 12-year-old self-didn't know then was that I was watching a real masterpiece. An iconic film that would change my life A director sharing his vision and art cementing himself as a true visionary and one of the greatest directors of our time. 
It's easy to forget just how great this film is on just about every level. Think of how many times your flipping channels and there is Roy scooping his mashed potatoes half crazed as his family watches in tears. How that medley we all know plays, and we hum along maybe even doing the hand gesturing that is used later to communicate with our alien visitors.  It's part of our movie culture and rightly so.  
What is exciting about seeing this on the big screen again is the scale. Just how big and beautiful those shots were. You only get that experience on a big movie screen. Lucky for us for the next week a whole new generation who never saw the movie now get to experience it as it should be.  
In theaters for one week, fans and hopefully new fans will be treated to a 4K restoration of Steven Speilbergs Directors Cut version of the film. Considered by many myself included to being the best version of the three existing versions.  The alien ship interior shots at the end are gone that we saw in the special edition and they are not missed. Speilberg didn't even want those scenes in the first place but only agreed to put them in to appease the studio and finance his version of the film which we get to see now in all it's remastered 4K Glory.

Score:  A Film Music Documentary

Maybe Doc's are not your thing. Maybe soundtracks are no big deal, and that's all okay. We all experience the films we like in lots of different ways.  For those of you who have any interest at all or are even slightly interested this movie is very compelling and insightful. Complete with interviews from such great cinematic composers as John Williams of well...Everything just about.  Hans Zimmer who has created much of the musical thematic landscape we have experienced over the last ten years or so and Danny Elfman who has delighted us with his completely original eclectic presence Since Batman released way back in 1989.  If these names are unfamiliar, then this documentary probably won't do much for you, but for fans of cinema and the music of films it is a must see offering rare glimpses into the genius and detail composers give us. 

You can stream this on HULU if you don't want to see it at the Circle


Another documentary that is filled with so much heart and spirit it can't help but be completely inspiring to all. The story of a girl's senior step team in Baltimore trying to achieve their goals of college and succeeding in life despite the many challenges they face is great. For every parent of a band kid or sports team member, or whatever extracurricular activity your kid or kids are into this movie will show you it's all worth it. Every game every practice every trip to wherever they have to go this time is ultimately for them, and this movie shows us that. Uplifting and full of heart. 
Did you miss any of these ??   
The Defenders The Complete 1st series on Netflix
The Tick The Complete 1st season on Amazon 
Death Note The Movie  You're going to have to make up your own mind on this live Americanized version of the hit Anime series.  
Game Of Thrones Season 7   Binge the entire season now that it's over and we have to wait at least a year and a half probably two until the end.  
Everyone have a great weekend. Just a heads up American Idol will have auditions today downtown at Guthrie Green.  If you don't want to be a part of that kind of crazy crowd insanity today is not the day to go downtown.  Good Luck to all the singers trying out today. 
Ronnie The Tulsa Movie Guy
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