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Hey, everyone, you made it thru the week, and now some well-deserved downtime is yours for the taking!!! You have some entertainment choices this week, and it seems like more and more options are available daily whether your gadgets and platforms are high-tech or low-tech (like me) when it comes to how and when you watch your favorites and must see's. 
The Mummy
I think the Mummy Starring Tom Cruise is worth seeing and I'm pretty sure most people will walk away having enjoyed a pretty decent action flick.  It felt more like an action movie than a horror movie to me. The drop your popcorn moments are mostly jump scares that are effective but still just jump scares.
Tom Cruise is all in, and fans will not be disappointed.  This move does a lot of "world-building, " and I think that detracts from the movie because the action stops everytime it happens.
And why? WHY? Do we have to see a giant sand face engulfing a town or city or whatever in every mummy movie Why? 
Dark Universe. You may already know this term if not you will. The Dark Universe is the umbrella that Universal is putting all of their classic monster reboots under, you may have seen the talent photo featuring Tom Cruise and Russel Crow along with Johnny Depp who will be the Invisible Man and Javier Bardem in Frankenstein as the Monster. Other casting rumors involve Angelina Jolie as The Bride Of Frankenstein and my favorite wild card rumor The Rock Dwane Johnson as 
The Werewolf.  I know right ??
The star power alone proves that Universal is all in and entirely committed to bringing back the monsters we all grew up with, well okay some of us of a certain age will remember watching the old black & white films, giving them life for a whole new generation of monster lovers to enjoy. They are after all the wellspring from which all horror films sprung.
It Comes At Night
I want to warn all of you that the trailers for this film make it out to be some weird who knows what is out there and it's going to kill us all thriller kind of movie. That is not the case. 
Some kind of virus or who knows what has killed off nearly everyone and the movie is set deep in the woods with a family hidden and protecting what they have left from anything and anyone. Of course, people show up, and the tension mounts along with suspicion and fear. 
This Movie is completely a psychological drama from start to finish. The fear mounts as we see desperation and paranoia ratchet up forcing good people to make horrible life or death choices.  
Critics love this flick for its moody and atmospheric efforts and dark broodiness.
 I think most people who buy a ticket this weekend and are going based on what they saw in the trailer will be disappointed because they think they are going to see a horror flick with a big payoff of an ending and this film just is just not that kind of movie. Maybe a good example is The Witch from last year. 
Do a little homework on this before you see it. 
Megan Leavey
This is just a good movie period. I dare you not to cry in this movie. I double dog dare you !! 
Based on a real story of a young Marine corporal and her bond with a combat dog This is your feel-good flick of the week. It works on a lot of levels for a lot of different people. I think everyone can take something away from this and will enjoy it. OOHRAH ! To all my brothers and sisters out there. Thank you for every step you take on patrol and every ounce of gear you have strapped to your back.I thank all of you and your families for keeping us safe and serving our country.
My Cousin Rachel
For those of you who were thinking how can I get my English melodramatic period piece on now that Downton is sadly over and done?  Well, this film gives us all of that along with a mystery for you to dig into and try your wit upon. Filled with elegance and polite reserve as any proper English should this film hopefully will scratch that particular itch for you.
And if that is not enough you can double down with another period piece still playing at The Circle as well.  A Quiet Passion offers a rare glimpse of the genius and wit of Emily Dickinson.
Fans of the ill-fated poet should not pass up on this intimate portrayal.   
Do you like weird, strange, funny movies that are also Kung Fu ??  Tonight theCircle Cinema is showing Kung Fu Hustle in all its awesome crazy glory!  Stephen Chow Blasted onto the scene worldwide with this crazy kung fu mash-up of so many different styles you just have to experience it to understand what that means. Paying homage to past Kung Fu legends by letting them star in the film.  Kung Fu Hustle was Hong Kongs highest grossing movie in Hong Kong.  This is a great Friday night at the movies if you're up for a cult classic of the highest order. 
Awakening The Zodiak
Who likes a good Serial Killer flick? Well apparently a lot of people do, I mean a lot.  I'm particularly fascinated by the whole phenom. I can't really explain it other than maybe to hopefully glean some kind of understanding perhaps.Awakening The Zodiac is another take on possibly the eeriest of all serial killers to me because his identity was never discovered and is possibly still out there somewhere.
The film's premise is good enough to get you hooked, and interest of the subject matter will carry you to the end. 
You can stream this all kinds of ways.  
John Wick 2  hits shelves next Tuesday, and if you missed it or just need to see it again, you will not be disappointed. Just about the coolest bad-ass action flick I've seen since... well John Wick.     "I Know Gun-Fu"  
As always thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Hit me up on Facebook for links to movie passes to free screenings now and then. Have a fantastic weekend at the movies or the couch everyone. 
Ronnie the Tulsa Movie Guy
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