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Weekend of 01-26-18

Goodbye YA Genre. Hello everyone. The offerings are a little light this week but that will give you a chance to check out some Oscar picks now that the nominations are in. What? No Wonder Woman? C'mon Academy. I will do a whole blog on this year's picks and snubs soon, but let's chat up this week's flicks. HOSTILES The year is 1892 two years after the Wounded Knee Massacre. The Indian wars are coming to a close, and the bloody aftermath of Manifest Destiny is something this film tries to show us subjectively. A cavalry Captain is ordered by the president to take a captive Indian chief Yellow Hawk back to his homeland to die. Along the way, they encounter brutality and the horrific consequences that fighting over the last decade has wrought. If you are a fan of Western especially in the vein of Unforgiven, you will probably like this film. Make no mistake terrible, brutal things happen along the way to these people, and the film does not turn away or let you either. It is a grim depiction of the west, and I applaud it for trying to make a statement about those dark days, but I think it fails on one level by reducing the Native American actors in the film to background characters. And that was a complete lost opportunity by Director Scott Cooper. Christian Bale fans will not be disappointed. A haunted performance. Although at times I personally could not hear what the heck he was saying. Captain Blocker is a mumbler! I'm not kidding I have some hearing issues, so it was at times a problem for me. The runtime is two hours and fifteen The movie is very slow paced and maybe a little too slow for some. If you liked The Searchers, Unforgiven this is worth a watch. MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE The third and final chapter to this cinematic take on the Young Adult series Maze Runner finally gives us some answers actually a lot of answers to just what the heck has been going on since the first film. Thomas and his friend Newt are back and heading to the legendary Last City. If you are a fan and have enjoyed the movies so far, then your patience is rewarded this time out. Better than the second one. This film tries to tie up everything and give us a satisfactory ending, and for the most part, it succeeds. Thomas and Newts friendship is the best part of the movie for me and fans will agree I think. So congratulations Maze Runner you outlasted them all. A fond farewell or good riddance depending on what series turned into a movie you did or didn't like. This movie marks the end of the YA cinematic genre for now at least or until they decide to remake and reboot the Harry Potter movies. Your laughing now but it will happen one of these days. Everyone thanks for taking the time to read the blog. Have a great time at the theater or your comfy couch this weekend. Ronnie The Tulsa Movie Guy
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