Items You Can Take Home

With You From Hotels

Etiquette expert William Hanson offers tips on which items can be taken without fear of a visit from the police.

He said that as a general rule items that are going to be replaced anyway are fine to take.

In terms of the toiletries left out by hotels, if they are half used it is often better to take them as it is better for the environment and in many cases is encouraged.

'Other items that are already in the bathroom such as slippers are also fine to take as they cannot be used again once a guest has been wearing them.

'But if you are going to walk past a cleaning cart or cupboard and just take these things, well that is just stealing.'

However, there are complimentary items that should never be taken.

He said: 'When it comes to the tea and coffee, if you feel you have to take it home to get by, you should probably question why you are spending money on a hotel if you can't afford coffee or tea bags.

'Taking unused tea and coffee or milk is just desperate.'

Other items on the banned list include 'towels and bathrobes'. 

Many hotels hint that these aren't there for the taking, by selling them. 

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