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Weekend Movies of August 25th, 2017

Heeee's Back !
Hello, everyone.  There are so many great movies in theaters as of today here in town to see. As always depending on how you like to watch your favorite movies or shows the choice is yours based on your platforms and device of choice.  
I will also give my take on a hot topic that you may have heard of and are considering getting and that is MoviePass. The lowdown on the good, the bad and the very bad for you with this too good to be true? Offer that is MoviePass.
But for now, so many films to cover here we go.

Birth Of The Dragon

This movie is for die hard fans of Bruce Lee. I'm sorry to say but it features someone completely different in the film, and Bruce Lee is almost like a supporting character. The infamous battle to the death that fans of Bruce Lee already know about to some extent given that the showdown was always shrouded in mystery. The fight does not happen until the end of the film.  As I said, real fans may be better served rewatching interviews and other biopics featuring the master himself. 


Ingrid Goes West

This film is a dark snarky and incredibly insightful take on our compulsion and obsessions with social media, fame worship and how this ever-evolving state of techno interaction can and does distort people. It's much deeper than that, but it's not in your face about it. Aubrey Plaza is both funny, sad and even repulsive at times. This movie is a great conversation piece on our times and the bizarre by-products of social media. 


Good Time

This movie stars Robert Pattinson, and if you are still holding Twilight against him, this should make up for all four shiny vamp movies. This movie is amazing. It gets under your skin like an infection, and you cannot help but feel the desperation and have your stomach knot up with every bad decision he makes in this movie. 

Pattinson completely transforms in this role, and he takes you down that rabbit hole with him. You don't need to know too much about this film except it is gritty, dark and a great flick if you like 'em that way. 

All Saints


This is the Inspiring true story although it may seem like it's made up, of salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock. John Corbett who is a favorite of mine from way- back when plays the new pastor from New York. I was glad to see him in something and this to me was one of his best roles to date.  It is a true story and very inspirational.  Check out the trailer and see if this might interest you. 

 Wind River

This movie is so moving so real in its depictions of the hard sad lived in lives of the people that are in this film you can't turn away.  It is spellbinding in how it feels so lived in, and the place affects you as well. Jeremy Renner is a local game tracker who like a lot of the locals are either chasing or running away from their own personal demons. It all comes to a head when a woman is found murdered on the reservation.  Jeremy Renner will get an Oscar nod for this I'm certain. The movie itself is absolutely Oscar worthy.  I will say this. It is not a happy or feel good movie in the least and probably not for everyone. It was a completely riveting movie experience for me.

Terminator 2

Heeee's back !!  Possibly the greatest action flick made. This re-release has been cleaned up and remastered and given the 3D treatment. This is your chance to see it in a whole new way and for those who were too young when this was last on a big screen now is your chance. You get a great 3d conversion that took a year to do, and it all looks great.  What a great night at the movies with everyone's favorite T-800

Game of Thrones 

Season finale this Sunday night !! if you are still reeling from last weeks events prepare yourself for who knows what could happen and of course whatever scream worthy cliffhanger they give us. 
Fathom Events
Mcgregor VS Mayweather fight
If you want to see the craziest most hyped sporting event in like..forever. You can watch the fight at your movie theater if the bars or crowded places are not your kind of thing.  An option to consider if you want to go out to see it but want to avoid the crazy crowds. Check your theater to see if they offer Fathom Events.
Okay. Ten bucks! See a movie every day for only 10.00 bucks a month.  The ten bucks a month is correct. That part is real, and you can cancel anytime just be sure and fill out all the forms correctly.   That part is great.  MoviePass only has movies offered at certain times a day and other times are "blacked out" Sometimes changing between home and theater. They buy so many tickets from the theater, and they release them as they see fit.  If you don't care when you see a movie, and you have the time and flexible schedule, then this is definitely for you. But for those on any kind of schedule like most humans, it isn't always a guaranteed that you will get in.   The card is for basic shows, and you can pay the difference if you want to see it in another format like 3D or IMAX. That is also not a bad thing. 
So the times are limited and being turned away are the biggest complaints out there. Customer service is another being nearly nonexistent and unable to connect with anyone for help. 
The other thing which may bother you or not is this. MoviePass was just bought by a company called Helios. They gave us the 10 dollar deal. They are an Analytics firm that crunches data. Data about you supplied to them by your use of the Moviepass Card.  They then sell this collected data to other companies.
So whats a movie worth to you? 
Oh AMC and now other theater companies are actively using MoviePass and trying to dissolve the relationship between them.
I hope everyone has a great weekend at the movies or the couch. As always thank you so much for taking the time to check out the blog. 
Ronnie The Tulsa Movie Guy
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