Global Trend Tracker 3D Map

What's Trending In YOUR Area?

What's Trending In YOUR Area? Interactive Map Displays The Top Google Searches Around The World- As They Happen


Researchers have created an interactive map that uses that info from Google and creates visuals for it on a 3D map of the world.

Users can choose a country from a list and explore the top 10 searches in that area as they happen. They’re calling it the Global Trend Tracker map.
You can either browse the map by clicking and dragging, or selecting a specific country from a drop down menu. It will display the top search on the map itself along with the top ten searches to the left of that country. Clicking on one of these trends will take you through a brief description with the option to click on a website for more information.
To make it as clear and user friendly as possible, the map also allows you to customize the color of the ocean, it’s opacity and background colors.



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