Bride and Groom Fall Off Back of

Bride and Groom Fall Off Back of Their Luxury Ride While Leaving Their Wedding Reception

One Texas couple were departing their wedding reception surrounded by loved ones cheering for them as they sat on the trunk of a Mercedes convertible. 

The bride and groom sat smiling and celebrating the occasion, a gray-haired man was in the driver's seat of the luxury car throwing up a peace sign before the bride yelled out 'let's go'. The man then puts the pedal to the metal, sending the couple flying off the trunk backwards and landing flat on the ground.  

Someone in the background can be heard yelling 'You f***ing idiot' as people rush to the newlyweds to check if they are okay.

Luckily, Hana and Tyler were not injured. In fact, they left for their honeymoon the very next day.

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