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Atomic Blonde
This movie has a lot going on, and its twisty turvy plot gives us a spy movie set on a foreign stage with characters you would do well to not trust in fact... Don't trust anyone. 
Charlize Theron is a deadly agent out to right a wrong with the help of James McAvoy as her contact in Berlin.  As I mentioned, this is a spy flick first with some great scenes that give James Bond a run for his money.  I have heard this called Jane Wick. On one level, I guess because it has the same director and stunt actors this label fits but to call it a copy of John Wick is a disservice to Theron and the movie itself.  It is a multi layered drama, spy, action, revenge, flick all wrapped up in one. I will say this the action makes up for a plot that in the end did not make a lot of sense and is my biggest complaint about the film.
Girls Trip
All those other girls night out movies disappointed you and now you're a little hesitant to go in for another? Girls Trip is the cure to all that and gives us a bawdy rude and laugh out loud trip to the Big Easy with friends who have such great chemistry that you can't help but love all of them and identify with one or all in this hilarious very adult comedy. The laughs are real and the feel great moments come easily by way of these four college friends reunited for a crazy weekend. Luke Cage fans get a little taste, and Malcolm D. Lee has another hit on his hands. Maybe not for your grandma or auntie but ladies, for you and your crew this is a night out worth having. 
A Ghost Story
I will tell you now. A Ghost Story is one of those love it or hate it or what did I just watch movies.  A film that critics love and audiences have not. Do some research and see if this might interest you. Not a scary ghost movie by any means. 
The story is about a man recently deceased who comes back to his wife and home only to realize in his non-corporeal form he no longer is connected and begins a very dreary meditation on life, love, the nature of time itself and grief. Wearing only a sheet with holes, Casey Affleck is still mesmerizing as a sorrowful spirit clinging to some semblance of home and belonging.  I will tell you that this is an incredibly sad movie and if you have recently lost someone, it might be too much to bear or perhaps a very cathartic experience as it was for me. 
The Emoji Movie
Welcome to Textopolis !!  Enter at your own risk.  
QT fans can go back to the beginning and experience the now iconic director's bloody bombastic burst onto the cinematic scene 25 years ago with Reservoir Dogs on the big screen at The Circle. 
Just in case any Tarantino fans didn't know Michael Madsen's Mr.Blonde, Vic Vega is the brother to John Travolta's hitman Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction.  Welcome to QT world.
This past weekend two acclaimed directors give us their unique and compelling visions, and both are breathtaking. 
 We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France; we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches; we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.
Winston Churchill  June 4th,  1940
That was part of one of 3 speeches Churchill gave describing the great military disaster that lead to Operation Dynamo. Some refer to it as the Miracle of Dunkirk as thousands of Allied soldiers cut off and surrounded were evacuated from the beaches and boats and saved from certain death.    
Christopher Nolan puts us right in the center of that terrible time. You will feel the panic and fear alongside the men on the beaches and in the ships. It is an entirely immersive experience from start to end. Nolan keeps thing very tight and focused thru out and while there are no single characters to follow or root for you still feel the impact of everything from below the decks to the white knuckle dogfights in the air. This is entirely a war film from start to finish and those who do not like the genre for whatever reasons should steer clear of this jarring stark vision from Nolan.
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets
Despite what you may have read or heard or seen yourself at this point. The Film By Visionary (at times) Luc Besson is an amazing spectacle of sci fi imagery and imagination. For this alone, the movie is worth seeing, and no one can argue the scope and scale of amazing visual effects on display from start to finish. It is an amazing feat of film technology to enjoy. A visual feast.
I wish the acting, and the storyline held up to the special effects surrounding them, but it did not for me. The story felt like set pieces and loosely fit together. I wanted to see it for the sci-fi eye candy it was and was not disappointed on that level. This is a matinee for sure.
Thanks as always for taking the time to read the blog.  I hope all of you have a great weekend at the movies or the couch.
Ronnie The Tulsa Movie Guy
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