7 Ideas For Easter Themed April Fools' Day Pranks

To Play On Your Kids

Here are 7 pranks for an Easter themed April fools day that you can pull on your kids.

1. Veggie Eggs
Instead of candy in the plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt, fill them with raw vegetables. 

2. “Chocolate" Eggs
Try making fake poop.
 One your batch has dried, wrap up little chunks to look like regular chocolate eggs. If your kids think it’s actual chocolate, make sure to warn them.

3. The Re-Easter Basket
Rather than spending days trying to put together a basket, this year fill their Easter basket with stuff they already own. Obviously, you'll also want to have a basket filled with new stuff on standby in case of tears. 

4. Easter? Today?
Make your kids think that it isn’t actually Easter at all.

5. Shake Your Groove Thing
Convince your kids that in order for them to receive candy and other goodies from the Easter bunny, they have to perform a song and dance routine.
 Then let the kids dance their hearts out for their candy. Also, make sure you record it for humiliation for years to come.

6. The "Sponge" Cake.
Stack up a bunch of clean sponges and layer them with whipped cream. Then watch your family try to cut into the cake. 

7. Bunny Poop 
Fill the toilet with a handful of jelly beans and leave a note from the Bunny himself explaining that he didn't have time to flush the toilet.

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