Welcome to the KHITS 106 Day Challenge

It's a new year, and many of us are challenging ourselves to make positive changes in our lives.

At KHITS, our staff has decided to take the 106 Day Challenge. Each of our jocks has chosen one objective to accomplish over the next 106 days and we'll be tracking our progress here. We'll be publishing success stories, tips, and yes, even venting about our frustrations throughout this process.

We encourage you to join us and make a 106 Day Challenge for yourself to create a positive change in your life! Let us know your challenge #KHITS106Days

Here's are the goals we'll be working on for the next 15 Weeks:

Chubbs- Learn something new each day of the 106 Day Challenge.

Tabatha- Replace one meal with a salad each day of the 106 Day Challenge.

Austin- Cut a craving each day of the 106 Day Challenge.

Special thanks to The Journey Training and Tropical Smoothie Cafe for their support and encouragement!


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