Who Weighs More with Sticks from Live PD

Chubbs weighs 250 lbs and we see who weighs more Chubbs or a ridiculous object. Friend of the show Sticks from the t.v. show Live PD on A&E joined us for this episode.

Biggest Spoiler Listening?

Chubbs loves to ruin secrets but is he the biggest spoiler in Oklahoma?

I Love You Challenge

Chubbs "cousin" called people on craigslist and at the end of the call tried to get them to say I love you. Will they return the love??

Spanish Insult Or Compliment!?

Tara is trying to learn Spanish. As a way to see how much she has learned Chubbs reads either a compliment or an insult to Tara and lets see if she can tell the difference.

Beat Time Stories- (6/8/18)

Chubbs and Tara read classic children's stories to hip hop beats.

Chubbs Doesn't wash his underwear?

Chubbs wife was upset at him for not washing his new underwear before he wore them. So Angie Chubbs wife calls into the show to discuss it.

Will Chubbs Get His Man Card?

Chubbs has been working for his man card and today is the presentation of all his hard work.

Beat Time Stories

Chubbs and Tara read a classic children's story to a hip hop instrumental.

Chubbs gets a ticket!

Chubbs got a ticket for flashing his headlights and warning other drivers about a speed trap.

Spanish Insult or Compliment

Chubbs test Tara's spanish skills with a fun very original game.

Match 1 (5/25)

Chubbs and Tara go out on the streets and ask a stranger 5 questions and give tickets away to caller #10 if they can Match 1 of their answers.

Chubbs mom dating his middle school friend?

Chubbs childhood friend said he is going to date his mom and we call her live on the air to get to the bottom of it.

Abs (vs) Flabs

A new study says muscular men make the worst boyfriends.

Beat Time Stories

We read a classic children's story to a hip-hop beat. Lots of fun!!

Alone time for parents (calls)

Took your calls on how parents sneak in me time.

Alone time for parents (Tara's Mom)

Parents never get "Me Time" so we wanted to know how do you sneak in me time?

Chubbs and Tara: Flamethrower in the Snow

A "man and wife" argue about cleaning the snow off the driveway...

Chubbs and Tara: Adults Still Sleeping with Teddy Bears?

We asked listeners if they still sleep with Teddy Bears... You might be surprised.

Chubbs and Tara: Dog Wedding

Chubbs gets an invitation to a dog wedding.

Chubbs and Tara: Hurricane Shooter

Leave it to Florida to try and shoot at a hurricane to get it to turn around.

Chubbs and Tara: Beat Time Stories

DMX performs Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in this Christmas edition of Beat Time Stories

Chubbs and Tara: Radio Tennis

You only thought you couldn't play tennis on the radio...