Build-A-Bear Promotion leads to long waits

Build-A-Bear Workshop recently announced a promotion, which offered parents a chance to buy any bear for the price of their child's age. In many cases, this could result in a savings of $30 -$40.

Today marked the launch of the promotion and parents jumped at the opportunity to save. Images from across the country, and even from Europe, have flooded social media of massive lines and chaotic scenes created as families wait for their turn to build a bear.

In Tulsa, the scene at Woodland Hills Mall is pictured above. Thankfully, to this point there have been no reports of violence or unruly behavior as parents and their children wait for hours.

Unfortunately, that's not the case everywhere, as detailed by this report from the BBC from Leeds where the "Pay Your Age" promotion has been canceled due to the resulting chaos.

If you were planning to bring your kids to Build-A-Bear Workshop today, these lines may have you reconsidering. In any case, it's wise to plan for a long wait if you want to brave the crowds.

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