Costco is giving all the Nutella and Mac and Cheese we need

First off, let me just say that I thought it was a joke at first...

That is to see a 6.6 lbs. tub of Nutella on the Costco website, but turns out, that's not the ONLY shocking tub of food they offer.

They also offer a 23lb 6oz tub of MAC AND CHEESE.

Oh! and this stuff has a shelf life of 20 YEARS, holds 180 servings, and costs 90 bucks. 

To be fair, the Mac and Cheese is labeled on the Costco website as "emergency food" but I don't think my first meal in the event of an apocalypse should be Mac and Cheese from a tub.... the Nutella though? Why yes, yes that IS a good snack or first meal of the end of times. 

The SMARTEST 'emergency meal kit' they offer on the site is Red Cross certified, holds 120 servings and costs $60.

So if your resolution for 2019 was to become a 'Prepper' you're in luck!