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Ronnie the Tulsa Movie Guy

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Hello movie fans.

I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! It's smart, it’s fast. It has big Ideals. It poses questions, both theoretical and theological. And it is based in the ever blurring world of and between science and science fiction, the genre “Fact-Fiction.” We are fast approaching a moment in time when our collective knowledge and technological ability's may give way to something greater than the sum of ourselves. Singularity, or The Singularity. That moment in time when Artificial Intelligence achieves Self-Awareness. This ideal and more are at the heart of Transcendence and it is exciting and provocative to see this new world we may live in one day.
I won’t give anything away, the trailers have pretty much spelled out the plot and premise. But I promise there is a lot to take in. Another great thing is Johnny Depp... as a real person, seeing him act normal was refreshing and cool. Dr. Caster is a great role for him.
The people who made this have some great pedigree (DARK KNIGHT/ INCEPTION) and it looks fantastic.  Just a great Sci-Fi flick all around. In case you don't like your movies heady and too brainy, you may want to pass.  
I can’t think of a better movie to see this weekend if you are looking for a faith based family film or just a good family film period. The movie tells the real life story of a 4 year old boy who by his account went to Heaven and came back. Based on the best selling book and very true to the source material, this movie does a great job balancing both sides of the account and is completely sincere. Greg Kinnear and newcomer Connor Corum are fantastic, the whole cast is very solid.
You should probably bring a tissue or two with you.
You know who you are. You either like these types of films or you don't. Or you secretly watch them on Netflix when no one is around so no one will know you watch such stupid movies. Well someone must like them because this has a 2 in the title so the studio made some cash on the first one.  Yeah there are some laughs and yeah it's crude and proudly stupid... But you knew that when you bought your ticket. Brain switched to off, engage fart joke. I personally would wait for the dollar theater for this one which, by my guess won’t be too long.
There is a reason they have signs all over the place warning you about Bears.... IT"S BECAUSE BEARS WILL EAT YOU!!!!   But luckily for you and your family this Disney live action film doesn't show that side of them but instead introduces you to two cute cubs and their introduction to the world.
Make no mistake it's a survival tale and sometimes, surviving  is tough especially your first year as a bear cub.
The Original 1956 Cecil B. DeMILLE BIBLE EPIC!! Starring Charlton Heston as Moses. This amazing, massive, undertaking of a film is on the big screen this Easter weekend.  A great chance to experience an epic movie the way it was intended. Both AMC 20 and CINEMARK will have showings at 2:00 pm. starting today.
RIDE ALONG    In case you missed it at the theaters, funny stuff thanks to Hart & Cube, mostly Hart. 
SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY-    Life is not like a box of chocolates in this case because you know what you’re getting... boring and not Forest Gump which this tried pretty hard to be , instead of it's original. Stiller fans only. 
OSAGE COUNTY-   Now you can put this on at home and have it play in the background and it will be just like your family is there in all there yelling, griping, arguing, pick you apart glory... you know in case you cant make it home for Easter dinner. 
PHILOMENA-   Oscar nominated and rightly so. Hard hitting drama.
Caleb And Cody Walker will Fill in Some live action gaps for their late brother Paul Walker. A fitting tribute and hopefully a sense of closure for family, friends and crew. Fans of Walker still have the action packed BRICK MANSIONS to look forward to later this month.
Have a great weekend at the movies or on the couch.
Ronnie Stryke / Tulsa Movie Guy

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