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Ronnie the Tulsa Movie Guy

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Hi movie fans. this week at your local cinema you have all kinds of good on the big screen and some other alternatives if you’re stuck inside or refuse to leave your house because the Zombie Apocalypse is nigh.
Do you have to be a football fan to like this movie??? Not exactly, but it wouldn't hurt. ha! The whole movie takes place on one of the most important days in the life of any football team and we get an inside look at the chaos and intricacies that Draft Day brings. This is Kevin Costner's movie and he carries the ball thru most of the film. He gets a couple of assist from some other strong players like Dennis Leary, but Costner makes all the scores. The film is completely indorsed by the NFL, so fans of the game will be sure to notice a couple faces here and there. I showed this a couple weeks ago and fans and non fans alike enjoyed it and thought it had a lot of heart and a good message.
So if you can’t stand football or sports movies in general... pass... go long and pass.
Creepy and very unconventional are good things to be if you’re a horror movie trying to scare the crap out of people. Well Oculus has that and all kinds of more in store for you.
You may have seen some of the ideals before for instance the camcorder recording things. I cant think of when I haven't seen that. It's what the director does with these tried and true methods that make the movie very original and with the less is more attitude you are on the edge of your seat because your mind can probably scare you more than something you see on screen. A mental rollercoaster of scary twists and creepy turns with plenty of clang and bangs along the way.
So there are these birds.... and they sing.... and there are some other animals.... and then there is more singing. Oh and lots of colors. Lots of colors.  All kidding aside, if your kids liked the first one, they get plenty of the same in this next chapter. If you’re not sure about it and have not seen Mr. Peabody or The Lego movie yet I would catch those instead. 
Nicolas Cage
That's right !! I said it !!  Nic is back in this underrated indie. He plays a gritty, hot tempered ex -con trying to fly straight and under the radar but you know how things go for guys like him in movies like this. A return to form for Cage and any true fan will want to see him in this movie no one has probably even heard of yet.
The Hobbit came out but you know there is going to be this mega deluxe 18 hour extended super directors cut when its all over right??? I will be in Middle Earth if anyone needs me this weekend.
Everyone have a great weekend at the movies or on the couch.
P.S. GODZILLA TRAILER IN IMAX... IT MADE MY BONES SHAKE !!! Holy crap I can't wait to see it. And to those G commercials... "GODZILLA DONT SURF !!!"

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