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Ronnie The Tulsa Movie Guy

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Hi film fans , Thanks as always for tuning in and listening to the three great people who make TMA what it is. Thanks for checking out the blog.

This week is pretty heavy with new flicks to see and all kinds of choices. If you are thinking, I have kids... What about Me.? If you have not seen The Lego movie Or Mr. Peabody, Well... there you go. great movies for the whole family.
NOAH !!!!!!!!!!! 
There may be lines of division forming as we read this, because I think it may divide across party lines. I would hope that the truly devout will see that at the heart of this, the first of several big, I mean BIG Bible epics coming our way. You have a very commanding performance from Russell Crowe, who I think does a great job of personifying the very put upon Noah. He shows us the torment, the anguish, and the pain of being chosen by god to complete an impossible task and stay true to your convictions and beliefs.  I teased at BIB-FIC (Bible Fiction) and this might be where we lose some people, but you know what... this might be where we gain some as well. Of course another viewing is needed to contemplate the film in all of its complexity, but you have two different movies going on at times and sometimes it works and other times... It is an amazing feat, and probably Aronofsky's most accessible in a while. Beautiful, complex, and worth a viewing. If you’re not too stodgy about your bible school studies you might see this was made with, I think, true convictions and faith.
Arnold is all in and pushes it to the limits in this very gritty, mean, and a lot bloody caper /heist/ revenge movie. It is rough, and the cast keeps up. Arnold is not just a cartoonish version of his former movie role self's and he and everyone try really hard to deliver the goods. Action packed and full of great performances all around. You probably already know if you’re going to see this, and I think you won’t be disappointed.
A glimpse into the life and persona that was Chavez. Mirroring the teachings of Gandhi, he started the first ever farm reform and union formation with non violent methods and patience, regarding migrant farmer workers in America. Historically correct, and you get a few glimpses of the man, but unfortunately it plays like a history channel special and comes of a bit boring rather than revolutionary. I saw it with an older man who came up in Texas and worked in the fields all his life. He was pleased that the story was told and hopes that it reaches many like himself.
EYE CANDY !!!!! Just beautiful! Wes Anderson at his unique and glorious best. Now if you are not a fan, this particular niche that the director has carved out for himself may not be your elegantly portrayed cup of tea. If, however you are a fan... You are in for a treat. Ralph Fiennes is smashing and absolutely steals the show. You may be disappointed to see Wes Andersons usual suspects relegated to a few lines and understandably so, but hopefully the film as a whole will delight and astonish and demand multiple viewings just to see the multi layered deliciousness that was crammed into it.
This one slipped in between weeks but if you like Dark and mean, mean comedy, Jason Bateman has given us, his almost squirmiest, black hearted first directorial debut and it is great. Not for everyone, by no means, if you liked BAD SANTA.... there you go.
It is in limited release and will probably hit next week but, if it is anything like the first , even a tiny bit, it will still be the most kick-ass, blow your mind, bone crunching, martial arts throw down you have seen, except for the first one. The story picks up right after the first one so go find THE RAID: REDEMPTION and get ready. 
Bang!!! Enough said. Well I will say this. The blu- ray is pretty standard and bare bones, I have heard there is a directors cut that has an even longer running time, I would wait for that if you’re a blu-buyer.
Season finale is this Sunday!!! DONT GO TO TERMINUS!!!!!!!  I think we’re looking at a Cannibal Ranch... or drive thru... either way it can't be good
WINTER SOLDIER opens next Thursday!!!!! Tickets are already on sale and remember... reserved seating and the good ones are going fast!!!
Have a great Weekend at the movies or on the couch Tulsa.
Like me, Tulsa Movie Guy on FACEBOOK, or follow me on Twitter and should be up and running this week. All kinds of ways to keep in touch AND SEE SOME FREE MOVIES THIS SUMMER !!
Ronnie the Movie Guy.

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