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Ronnie The Tulsa Movie Guy

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Hi Movie fans. thanks for checking out the blog!

So just got back from a special screening of CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER, I can’t wait to see it again in IMAX with all of you here in Tulsa. Marvel fans the summer is just starting!!!! And CAP chest kicks it off with one heck of a bang!!!!
(That's all I can say!)
Holy Macaroni!!!   IMPOSSIBLES 2 is green lighted and none other than Brad Bird who was responsible for the 1st one is on board. And yes Pixar is revving up for CARS 3!
Okay let’s talk some movies.
Another Young Adult book series turned hopeful blockbuster/ hopeful franchise, hits this weekend. I must admit I have not read the books so I went in with nothing but what I had seen in the trailers. You don't have to know anything about the books. It explains everything and sets up the world of Divergent and after all that, turns into a pretty good action flick. I spoke with some die hard fans who camped out for over 6 hours to see it and they were not disappointed. If you’re a fan of the series... you’re in luck because this movie was made for you. I know a lot of critics are beating this up and some Hunger Game similarities are being thrown around.
But again, fans don't let that dissuade you.
This will make a great close to spring break. Grab the family and have a lot of fun with Kermit and the gang. All kinds of cameos and surprises are in store for you.
Tina Fey is great and a lot of fun seeing her with all of them. 
It’s a great family movie that all ages can enjoy.
You have seen the trailers (hopefully not at work) and Lars Van Trier may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is more than just sensationalism and shock cinema. Thought provoking, insightful and bold in its sexual frankness. Again you may want to see this on video on demand available very soon.
A great week for some catching up in case you missed these.
Of course FROZEN and AMERICAN HUSTLE were released, but a couple flicks that were completely under the radar are here. KILL YOUR DARLINGS is a great look into the invention and beginning of the beat generation with a very cool look into the formative years of Ginsberg and the likes of William S. Burrough's. Great stuff starring Daniel Radcliff (you know who he is) and Dean Dehaan (Chronicle and Harry Osborne in Spiderman 2)
Made for and probably only for movie geeks like me and you??? Fascinating!!! Dune the movie that never came to be or at least this particular version.
Again Dune fans SCI FI fans and cinephile's rejoice because this is mesmerizing.
Thanks everybody have a great weekend at the movies or on the couch.
Ronnie the Movie Guy.

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