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 Hey movie fans, I hope all is well. I suppose we will jump right in and see what the weekend has to offer us.
300 Rise Of An Empire
Rise up thee, off thy couch and get your man on. Feeling a little wimpy ? Don't worry this movie has enough to spare and then some. Guys just leave the woman folk at home for this one. It's a guy’s night out with a bunch of half naked sweaty dirty men... wait I mean... SPARTAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
The fights and hits and cuts and slashes are awesome to see even though by the end, you might be sick of the slow motion.
The 3D is mainly blood splatters and small flecks of whatever, floating around, so your not missing anything if you choose not to spend the extra money.
Mr.Peabody and Sherman
So much fun and so much better than I ever gave it credit for. I expected the worse I admit, but I was happily proven wrong.
Watch it now !!!
Two scary offerings for those of you who don't want to leave the house or prefer the couch over crowds, here are HAUNT and the very creepy very cramped IN FEAR. The latter being my pick of the week for some interesting and genuinely scary, claustrophobic moments. All inside a car in the woods!!!
A lot of choices to see this weekend and some great movies that are still playing all over town in case you missed out previously.
A Dame TO Kill For just hit and any fan of the first Sin City movie will not be disappointed.
Annie fans just got a taste of the latest incarnation. Gingers Unite!!!!
Let me just say... I am still amazed that parents bring or let their kids who are obviously not old enough to see a movie like 300 and you would think it is soo obvious that maybe a 5?? 6?? year old. Hell even a 13 year old should not see limb and head hacked off repeatedly scene after blood spewing scene.
Sorry I just felt uncomfortable watching the movie last night with kids in the room.  
Have fun at the movies or on the couch this Weekend.
Ronnie the movie guy / Tulsa movie Guy


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