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Ronnie The Movie Guy

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Hello Movie fans !
 I couldn't resist borrowing a quote from the late Herv'e Villachaize of Fantasy Island fame for the title of this week’s mumblings. 
You may want to cancel your flight plans after seeing  NON STOP starring the always great, always intense
and as of late... always bad-ass Liam Neeson.
Not because it sucks, It's all kinds of kick-ass , but because it plays on all our fears about getting on a plane in this post 9/11 world and ratchets up the tension, the paranoia and Like a choke hold from an angry Air Marshall , it doesn't let you go.
If you have seen the trailer you know everything you need to know as far as the set up and premise. Liam Neeson does not disappoint and is probably the only reason I even wanted to see this action flick. Well Julianne Moore is very convincing as well. Probably a wasted part as far being in the film but the future Best Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong'o gets in a few lines as well.
Yes it might get a little ridiculous by the end but it is a very solid action flick with a great action star who is worth the price of admission.
Son Of God
I think people of faith will be fairly pleased with this light take on some of the more well known events of Jesus and his life. From the gathering of his followers to his fateful ending and the miracle of his ascension. I say light because all the characters are barely written and it all plays like a "best of" bible study unfortunately. This is a lengthier version of the TV mini-series in movie form. What it lacks in story however, It does make up for in faith.
*I would warn parents while it is PG-13 it is pretty bloody for a PG-13.
The Oscars !!! 
I hope it's going to give us some surprises, even though I think I know who is going to win.
 GRAVITY is going to win Best Picture. Now that I have said that, 12 years may win, but I think on a technical and innovative level GRAVITY represents everything that going to the movies is about. That awe and wonder, the innovation and new technology. All of this combined to give us a completely original film that had the ability to imbue upon it's viewers, an amazing original cinematic experience.
HOLY CRAP CAKES!!!    A full GODZILLA trailer has hit and it is ssssssooooooo sooooooo good.  In fact I'm going to go watch it again right now.
 Everyone have a great weekend, if you’re staying in The Spirit Awards, which are basically the Oscars with alcohol and more time for speeches is Saturday night.
And of course the Oscars are this Sunday night.
Have fun at the movies or on the couch.
 Ronnie the Movie Guy  /Tulsa movie guy on facebook

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