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Ronnie The Movie Guy

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Hi movie fans.

Gladiator and Titanic had a baby and its name is Pompeii. I could probably just leave it at that but, the dreamy Kit Harrington will be one of the reasons some of you see it. The other is the spectacle that Mt. Vesuvius promises to deliver to all the evil denizens of the ill fated city below. The 3D is actually pretty darn good, but let's be real... If you can't make an exploding volcano look good in 3D then what's the point. So if you’re considering seeing it you should go all in and see it in 3D.
If you find yourself rooting for the volcano by the end of the movie don't feel bad, you’re probably not alone and outright snickering might not be possible to contain.
3 Days To Kill
I like me some Kevin Costner, and I enjoyed this little spook romp a lot. Sure you can pick it apart and find all kinds of nit-picky plot things but I don't go to see movies for that reason. It has a lot of surprisingly dark funny moments and I had no problems seeing Costner inhabit this character. You will hear some comparisons, to things like Taken but please if you see this, just enjoy it for what it is. A good spy flick with a great actor.
There were quite a few films that are in limited release and some of them are available without even leaving your house. My personal pick is Adult World
with a very cool performance by John Cusack as a reclusive poet. Fans of Cusack will not be disappointed.
Brick Mansions
A bittersweet moment for Paul Walker fans with the trailer for his final film hitting the web this week. I won’t call this an exact remake of the French movie 
Banlieui 13 / District B13 with David Belle and features some amazing parkour, but the new movie will costar David Belle (who actually invented the sport and does all of his own stunts) will have some crazy parkour action and looks to be a very solid tough and gritty movie. I was reminded of another foreign film The Raid: Redemption. If you have not seen this amazing unflinching action film, you are missing out.
Gardian's Of The Galaxy
The trailer just hit the web along with some personal bio vids of the gang and I am sure geeks everywhere are freaking out either with giddy excitement or the usual grousing. Take a look and see what you think. Marvel had everyone scratching their heads when this film was announced and we will just have to wait and see if it is chance that pays off.
Casting news
Of course everyone by now knows that Jesse Eisenbeg is the new Lex Luthor in the "who knows when" Superman/Batman movie, but the casting news that has me really excited this week is THE FANTASTIC FOUR cast. Miles Tiller is Reed Richards and I couldn't be happier about it. And how about an African American Human Torch. Michael B. Jordan is Johnny Storm . Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are Susan Storm and Ben Grimm.
She may be The Mother of Dragons to all of you Game of Thrones fans but Mother to John Conner resistance fighter and savior of all mankind... Not sure about that one. Emilia Clarke is Sarah Conner in another (groan) Terminator reboot? redo? prequel?? Crap who knows anymore and yes I'm pretty sure that
Arnold will "Be Back".
As Always have a great time at the movies or on the couch.
Ronnie the Movie Guy

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