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Ronnie The Movie Guy

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Hi movie fans.

Okay all you significant others, I thought I would throw out some movies that may come in handy this Valentines Day/Weekend.
It's time to suck it up people! 
Yes... I know, I know...that movie that she/he has been going on about and is always wanting to see it with you but you somehow manage to always get out of it. Chances are you know what movie/movies they love and have seen it already, because I think it's one of those early date things where you came over and watch their favorite movie with them and all along you kept thinking when is it over?? AND when do we get to make out??
Well if waiting in line for a couple hours for dinner or spending a lot of money isn't exactly what you had in mind this Valentines Day, I suggest a night in with your significant other and their favorite movie.
Don’t just hang out and watch a movie! You are making this a romantic movie night!  This will take a little prep work or research, if you don't know which movie.
 Break out the candles (a bag of those little tea light candles go for under 10 bucks) or breakout some x-mas string lights. Transform that room into a very warm cozy, comfortable space, make dinner or order their favorite dish. Like I said a little effort is required on your part.
 There are movies that I probably don't need to even mention because they are staples in every romantics movie collection. Pretty Woman, Titanic, Dirty Dancing, Sleepless In Seattle... Ghost. You know those movies. But hey if that's THE movie they love then that's the movie you’re going to watch in your newly converted movie-love den. 
If you’re still dreading the whole "Titanic" experience, and groan at the whole romantic movie ideal, well here are some picks that perhaps never you’ve seen or maybe a movie you both have heard about or wanted to watch. Or maybe try something new and make that "your" movie.
I think you will survive some of these and rack up some heart shaped brownie points as well. You might just enjoy having a quiet romantic night with the person you love, falling in love with or in “like” or just desperately trying to sleep with.
I personally stayed away from the more tragic sad love stories on purpose on this list with the intent of keeping it enjoyable rather than depressing. I didn't list older classic flicks like Gone With The Wind, or Casablanca- again nothing against these movies, just a more modern list to pick from. Okay, here we go. 
No particular order just some slightly different, cool, funny, lovey-dovey flicks for you and yours.
 The Princess Bride
Say Anything
500 Days Of Summer
The Spectacular Now
Silver Linings Playbook
Moulin Rouge
Shakespeare In Love
Wedding Crashers
Brokeback Mountain
Love And Basketball
10 Things I hate About You
Love Actually
Sixteen Candles
 The Best Man
Ever After
Love jones
Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless mind
Romeo & Juliet (Dicaprio/Danes)
9 1/2 Weeks
Up In The Air
The Holiday
How Stella Got Her Groove back
Just Friends
The Artist
Definitely Maybe
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Notebook
Out Of Sight
Bull Durham
Jerry Maguire
Much Ado About Nothing
Four Weddings And A Funeral
Knotting Hill 
Out Of Sight
Benny And Joon
Scott Pilgrim Saves The World
and yes it is a love story deep down... Shawn of The Dead . 
Okay If you suck as a partner and are currently in The doghouse and need a “makeup” movie it's time to break out the big guns... Here you go…
and of course the for mentioned  TITANIC. 
Have a great Holiday everyone. Happy Valentines Day!
Ronnie The Movie Guy / TMG

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