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Meet Mary

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Yesterday, I got the opportunity to talk to Mary. Mary and I had never met, but I was intrigued by the way that she was dressed. At first I assumed she was dressed that way for a role in a play, or maybe even for a college project. I finally managed to just ask her why she was dressed the way she was.

Mary had a very simple, but powerful response- "It's just the way I dress."

Mary explained to me that the style she dresses in was called Steampunk. I have heard of Steampunk before, but I have never seen someone dressed like that in normal day to day life.

Her response stayed with me- "It's just the way I dress."

Honestly, Mary inspired me. I know that wasn't her intention, but it was the result of us meeting. Mary expressed a confidence that I believe the world is lacking. She didn't seem to care that people were looking at her, questioning her outfit. She didn't even seem phased that people stared at her the entire time she was in the cafe.

It has become our nature to do things that are safe, to do things that the masses wont question. Mary is doing the exact opposite. She isn't afraid to stand up and be her own person. She doesn't care what those around her are thinking.

To me, Mary is a reminder that it is ok to stand out. It is ok to be yourself. We are not defined by those around us, and if you believe in something- then you should chase after it. The world needs more people like Mary. She doesn't know the impact she had on me and she may never know. But that is the beauty of it. She unintentionally inspired me.

Hats off to Mary, for having the confidence to stand out when the world is telling you to blend in.

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