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Ronnie The Movie Guy 02-07-14

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Greetings, my fellow movie fans!
This week does not disappoint... well that might depend on the movie you see this weekend.
The Lego Movie
Grab the kids, get in your vehicle of choice and go see this movie. Great fun on so many levels. From start to finish, it is what going to the movies is all about.
 I might have to warn you though... There is a song that may never ever...ever leave your brain once you hear it. And to parents with kids under 6 the run time is 1:40 minutes so if you know your kid can't make it that long... just a heads up. (I expect a lot of bathroom trips) But if any movie can hold a kid’s attention this would be it.  The 3D is actually pretty cool but not a must if you’re on a budget. 
The Monuments Men
I can only recommend to history fans or art fans. The Art was about the most interesting thing to me. Even with the great cast it felt stiff and... I hate to say it but... a bit boring. This is just my opinion of course and this may have real appeal as one of the only adult/ grown-up movies opening this weekend.
Vampire Academy
Uhmmm... Okay it's a mash up of everything and barely holds it's own as a 90120 meets Mean Girls with Vampires. I mention mean Girls because Mark Waters also directed that movie as well and it has reached a cult status in some cinematic circles. Taken from yet another YA book series and turned into a movie in hopes of churning out more I'm sure. Well one thing the studios know is that young girls love them some vampires, right?? Although I'm not sure if non sparkly will do the trick.  If this young vampire angst doesn't appeal to you but still want something with a little bite, I highly recommend Byzantium. A very somber, beautiful look into the life of a young vampire cursed to be 16 years old forever.
The Circle Cinema 
For all of you who love the Animated and Live Action Shorts, The Circle is featuring all nominees for next month's Oscars.
Have fun at the theater or the couch this weekend.
TMG/Tulsa Movie Guy

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