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Portal to hell

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How insane is this!?

Zak Bagans, the host of "Ghost Adventures," bought a house in Indiana that is rumored to be haunted!

In 2012, it was documented on numerous accounts that the residence of the house experienced paranormal activity. It was occupied by a mother and her two children. The mother witnessed her daughter levitating above her bed, and numerous people withnessed her son walking on the ceiling.

After many attempts to excise the house from its supposed "demons," the woman and her family eventually moved. Zak Bagans heard all the rumors about the house so he bought it from the family for just $35,000. He plans on living in the house and documenting his experiences.

I don't know about you, but a house for $35,000... That doesn't sound too bad- I could put up with a few demons for that price.




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