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Ronnie the Movie guy 01-31-14

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Hello movie fans.
So this weekend you have all kinds of choices before you. Rom-Com ??? Got It ! Singing??? Got It!
Geeks galore??? Got it! Pie sex??? Go...Wait, what???
Labor Day
I personally thought it was a labor to get through it. Maybe some of you will like it. It has a great cast, Kate Winslet & Josh Brolin.
He's an escaped prisoner who forces the mother and son to hide him for a few days. Winslet is a shut in who apparently only needed some light bondage and foodie sex to cure her of all her problems. It is a cooled off version of the book, but if you’re a hopeless romantic and like all those Harlequin or Nicholas Sparks books turned movies then give it a shot.
That Awkward Moment
This might be a chance to escape the onslaught of superbowl-ageddon this weekend if you’re inclined to do so ladies.
A great cast, and that might be my only complaint. I expected more out of it given who is in this. But that is just me. Again Miles Teller! He is great and the best part of the movie to me. Three friends, 20 something's, who rally to help out one of them, who just got divorced and vow to single up and stay unattached. You can probably guess what happens next. The movie has some great chemistry and funny laugh out loud moments because of it. I think a lot of women will want to see Zac Efron all grown up and... well, you will just have to see for your self. A great cast and a lot of fun .
Like I said a great girls night /day out.  I think guys can get something out of this as well, so don't complain to much if your girl wants to see it with you, you might just have a fun time.
Frozen : Sing Along
Maybe you loved it and want to see it again, or never saw it, although I don't recommend you seeing it like this for the first time. Now you can interact and sing along with your favorite songs from the movie. The words to the songs will be along the bottom with a snow flake bouncing over them to help you keep up. Karaoke Disney style!!
Knights Of Badassdom
Finally this movie has come out and all I can say is...Lightning Bolt!! Lightning Bolt!!! A group of Larpers,( Live Action Role Players) How could you not know what that meant???  Are tested and forced to battle real evil when one of them accidentally performs a spell that unleashes an evil female succubus demon against the group of nerdy would be heroes. The Trailer sums up what you’re in store for in case this one slipped by you. I had a lot of fun seeing this and laughed the whole time. The cast is crazy with standouts like Peter Dinklage, Steve Zhan, and Summer Glau . It is only at the Circle and I would assume a limited engagement so go see it before it's gone. A great excuse to check out the very cool Circle Cinema.   
How about a rowdy pre-game party???? The insanity that is Bad Grandpa came out this week and it is crazy and all kinds of wrong. 
Other choices are Rush and last Vegas and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 if you missed them on the big screen.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy your Time at the movies or the couch.
Tulsa movie Guy

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